Laurel DeWitt

Introduced in 2010, LaureLuxe has managed to take jewelry design to an infinite level with ornamental pieces and structures.  In the past three years artist, Laurel DeWitt has proven to be every fashion mavens jewelry "go to."  The evolution of metal bending and chain linking has since taken on a life of its own.  Coming into her own, she is now designing under her name.  Laurel's new found inspiration through sophisticated armored designs has led the designer to re-imagine and perfect her metal reign.  A feverishly innovative line, defying convention while defining the times.  The one of a kind metal pieces flow like fabric whether wrapped or draped to accent every curve.  From full dresses and ornate head and shoulder pieces; to earrings, necklaces and leg decor; to ties suspenders, and The Company Man Chest plate - versatility and total originality.  There truly is no rival in the marketplace.  In a phrase, Laurel DeWitt is a "one of one."  With some of the most reputable fashion stylists demanding to pull custom pieces from Laurel's Brooklyn, New York showroom, the artist makes it a point to be meticulous when handcrafting each piece so that it's a perfect fit.  Laurel DeWitt has been worn by actress Milla Jovovich, Grammy Award Winners Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, Lil Kim, Brandy, Will.I.Am, Eve, Melanie Fiona, Superstar Nicki Minaj, and supermodels Hannah Itsche and Sessilee Lopez.

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