Jane Woolrich

For over 25 years, Jane Woolrich has established herself as one of the leading Designers in Nightwear and lingerie.  With little publicity and the minimum of fuss, Jane is renowned within the trade as a creator of styling that represents the epitome of romance.  Store buyers and boutique owners throughout the world know that few can emulate her touch.  Effortlessly using exquisite laces on bias cut shapes that really do fit. It is important to Jane that her designs enhance the female form.  Perhaps best known within the business for her dreamy "floaty" chiffon shapes, it seems all too easy to assume that this British based stylist is just the first name in English Romance.  While there is no one who does the dreamy softness better, there is always much more to the collection.  Jane Woolrich predicted the trend towards upmarket erotica long before people heard of the names of Agent Provocateur, Coco de Mer, Myla, etc.  In fact, it is over 15 years since Jane cleared her silks into deep aubergine's, hot pinks and deepest shot colors; and by using both matching and contrasting gossamer gothic laces offered her "Fairytale Vamp" look which so extensively both in Europe, the Middle East and the USA.  

So if people within the trade know and appreciate Jane Woolrich, how is it that so few members of the public know her name?  The answer is simple.  Jane is the same person she ever was, attractive, vivacious and engaging, with a real passion for what she does.  Yet despite being offered numerous opportunities to pur herself into the media, quite simply, Jane lets her designs do that talking.  She remains happy working with her small but talented and dedicated team, from the center of the English countryside.  Jane Woolrich takes pride in the special customer service she offers which includes making special orders for all sizes.  In this way, Jane is able to offer the collection to all ages and markets.  Romance has always been universal; and from bridal to deeply sensual, this is lingerie that can be sexy, erotic but always romantic.  That's why, even without all the publicity, Jane Woolrich nightwear is bought, appreciated and sold globally and her fabulous hand made corsets can be seen anywhere from London's trendy Camden Market to downtown Manhattan and Tokyo.  If you still don't know the collection, take a look either at the Salon de la Lingerie in Paris, Curve in New York City, or City Mode in Paris.

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