A Formal “Affair”? Nail It!

As much as I love glamour, I like to keep things pretty simple in the beauty department. However, there is ONE exception-my finger nails!!

Lately, nail art has gone through a complete resurgence, and women of all types are getting their nails done in lengths, shapes & décor that they may have never previously considered. I grew up worshipping pin up art, and for anyone familiar with vintage pin up art, it isn’t about the fashion..BUT those long beautifully sculpted nails the women always had in the images..I have always worn my nails long and slightly pointed. The women at the nail salons used to say to me “You mean you want your nails shaped like an old lady?”. And as I nodded, I always kept the classic visual imagery of the “Vargas” girl aesthetic in my mind. Today, long pointy nails are more something people relate to Rihanna or rock star inspired fashion.. & Although I am slightly annoyed that everyone has caught onto this trend and my nails are no longer unique to my personal style, I continue to keep my nails perfectly polished and shaped, with a gentle reminder in my mind that I was simply ahead of my time. If there is ONE thing you splurge on for your formal “Affair” this holiday season, go a little more bold with your finger nails, because even when your naked, you will be nailing a chic fashion forward (classic) trend.  

Image Sources:Vargas; My personal nails; Promo shots from my Nokia Lumia 900 campaign; My nails; Lana Del Rey by Bryan Adams