Beyond Fashion

Beyond Fashion House was created in 2011 by the Macedonian designer, Borche Ristovski, and Bulgarian stylist, Dobromir Kiryakov.  Borche started designing and sewing clothes when he was fourteen years old.  At the age of sixteen, his parents started homeschooling him so he could focus on his dream.  He later moved to Sofia, Bulgaria, where he graduated from Art Academy with a degree in fashion design.  He met Dobromir at his graduation runway show.  Dobromir is a well known Bulgarian celebrity stylist.  He came from a family of show designers.  Because of his parents who wanted him to become a lawyer or a doctor, he graduated from University with an economics degree.  Shortly after, his passion for fashion took over, and he started working for various magazines as a stylist.  With his unique sense of beauty and style Dobromir climbed his way up the fashion ladder to become a fashion editor in then "Moda" magazine where he included some of Borche's designs.  That's how their collaboration begun.  

Together they created Beyond Fashion House aiming on catering to the, 'Ultimate Glamorous Woman' with custom designs and handcrafted details sewn to perfection.  It is meant for the woman who see fashion as art.  Individuality, strong presence, and breathtaking craftsmanship, these are the dresses of Beyond Atelier.    

Sister line Beyond ready to wear was created in 2013, inspired by the Bulgarian singer, Galena.  Galena is not only famous for her voice, but also for her mesmerizing beauty and style.  She is the muse of this line.  Beyond ready to wear is your everyday reach for fashion meets elegant and edgy.  It is for the women of character with a zest for feminine sexuality.  

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